Ted Logan

Software Engineer

MIT building 32: Stata Center
MIT building 32: Stata Center


I am a thirty-two-year-old embedded C/C++/Perl/Linux hacker living in Boulder, Colorado.


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BLUG talk on GPS

In June 2010, I spoke at the Boulder Linux User's Group about GPS, titled How to get lost while knowing where you are.

Secrets of tabs in vim

I spend much of my day working on other people's code. People who have uncivilized ideas about how to indent their code. Read more about the secrets of tabs in vim.

Struct packing

Last week, I was debugging some code and came across a troubling situation: A variable that I set in one function was suddenly and quickly being mutilated before I managed to read it in another function. After hours at the debugger, I discovered the culprit was struct packing.

When memory leaks don't leak

Not long ago Visual Studio reported memory leaks in my code that weren't really leaks; the memory in question just hadn't been freed yet. Read more: Spurious memory leak messages in Visual Studio.


e-mail: ted.logan@gmail.com